[opensource-dev] Subject: Re: Can you legally agree to, incomprehensible conditions?

Daniel danielravennest at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 05:59:33 PDT 2010

From: Darmath <darmath at tpg.com.au>   That might include taking 
advantage of the lack of english skills a person has in understanding a 
legal document, when known by the stronger party, and exploited by the 
stronger party to obtain the weaker party's consent/agreement.


A question for anyone who uses the SL viewer with a different default language,
or the LL staff who might know: Is the new Terms of Service presented at login
being shown in every language the internationalization supports? If yes, then
does the meaning of the document remain unchanged through the vagaries of 
translation? If no, how can people agree to something they cannot even read, for
the set of users who are not bilingual in their own language and English?


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