[opensource-dev] Can we be more productive, please?

JB Hancroft jbhancroft at gmail.com
Fri Apr 2 05:41:14 PDT 2010

Here are my thoughts:

1) If you're not an attorney, please do the rest of us a favor by not acting
like one.
    The TPVP is a legal document, and while we all have opinions, opinions
    that are based on something other than legal understanding and
    are more likely to contribute to the body of urban legend, than clarify
and inform.
    The law is the law, and whether we like it or not, my understanding is
    applying rationale to it's interpretation is a fool's errand.

2) If you've got a 3rd-party viewer, and the TPVP is an issue for you, then
this isn't
     the forum in which to resolve it.  Take it to Linden Lab via the legal
     system, with your legal counsel involved.

3) Second Life is a business; it's not "our" social cause. If you don't like
the way
    things are, you certainly have a right to bitch and complain and lobby
for change.
    But at some point, you're just going to annoy people. Linden Lab
    have already noted the "noise-to-signal ratio" they've observed in the
process of
    extracting what they consider to be valid input and feedback.

4) If you want to argue as a hobby, please... enjoy.  I'm asking that you
please do it
    somewhere else.  If you truly believe the situation with the TPVP is all
evil and
    bad and not workable,  then please "leave".  If you don't like the game,
don't play.

Yes, there are many ways in which what I've written here can be argued and
and found lacking.  Please... don't bother; spend your time in a more
productive way.

- JB
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