[opensource-dev] Snowglobe 2.0 sync with Viewer 2.0

Philippe (Merov) Bossut merov at lindenlab.com
Fri Apr 2 20:26:42 PDT 2010


After much wrangling today and yesterday, I finally committed a massive
commit syncing the SG2.0 trunk to viewer-external which is itself synced
with Viewer 2.0:
- Trac: http://svn.secondlife.com/trac/linden/changeset/3303
- Log: Merging of viewer-external from svn rev 3287 up to svn rev 3302 -
Synced with official Viewer 2.0 then. Built and tested on Windows only!

The build script have been failing for reasons I haven't investigated yet.
I'll be working on that aspect first thing Monday morning.

- Merov
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