[opensource-dev] Can you legally agree to incomprehensible conditions

Anders Arnholm Anders at Arnholm.se
Sat Apr 3 00:53:39 PDT 2010

Glen Canaday wrote:
> anyone who is known to have seen the LL server code. They can't be sure 
> there's no LL-proprietary licensing stuff going on. See this: 
> http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Contributions_Policy
> ... all of which I can completely understand.
No, the not reading viewer code in 6 mouths makes no sence at all. Makes 
the bug solutions a pain in the ass really. Any sencidle developer with 
two programs talking to each other, trying to solve a problem look at 
both codes. It does not break copyright laws.

> related. I'm actually rather surprised no one's said anything about the 
> merges of GPL code into viewer-internal. That bugged me more than the 
> TPV stuff.

Sending in that fax and giveing the LL copyright for tha patches. We all 
knew that LL had an internal code base mixed with the server code 
containing non-gpl:ed code.

/ Balp

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