[opensource-dev] TPV: The status of the Viewer Community

Boy Lane boy.lane at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 8 19:00:08 PDT 2010

As the commencement date of TPV comes closer I've compiled a list of the known 3rd party viewers and their current status. Please add if I missed anything or there are any news.

Viewers stopped development for Secondlife: 
Imprudence (full) 
RealXtend (full) 
Luna (full) 

Viewers stopped development: 
Nicholaz (full) 
Rainbow/Cool (full) 

Viewers partly ceased/unsure: 
OMV, some code removed (full/text) 
Emerald, no statement (full) 
Marine's RLV, no statement (full) 
Hippo, no statement (full) 
Radegast (text) (?) 

Viewers continuing and self certified to TPV: 
KirstenLee (full) 
MetaBolt (text) 
Mobile Grid Client (text) 

Viewers continuing without viewer directory listing: 
Cool VL (full) 

*(full) refers to a graphical viewer, (text) refers to a text client
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