[opensource-dev] OpenLSL Q&A Invite

Jonathan Irvin djfoxyslpr at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 05:54:04 PDT 2010


I'm a big fan of mailing lists and all of you whom I've spoken with have
answered numerous questions of mine.

So, I wanted to invite you all to a little experiment of mine.  I've long
dreamed of a portal just for LSL Scripters that people can go to and get
their answer in a more organized way.  Email is limited, unfortunately.

So, this will be free to join and you can sign up if you want to, or choose
not to if you wish.  I figure this will be a more organized way to get your
questions answered than having to sift through emails for your answer.

The URL is http://openlsl.stackexchange.com/ and I would love to have the
community help me on this project, if they are willing.  Anyway, I won't
take up too much more of your time.  Thank you for joining and

Best Regards,
Jonathan Irvin

P.S. I'm opening this to ALL LSL Scripters as well as anyone who wishes to
join and contribute including OpenSim, OpenSource-Dev, and the like.

P.P.S. Sorry for the spam!  This was meant to be an invite.  If you don't
feel invited, then feel free to disregard this email.
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