[opensource-dev] Two Worlds

aklo at skyhighway.com aklo at skyhighway.com
Mon Apr 12 10:40:28 PDT 2010

Do you mean something like an interface that allows us to do this:


Yes!!  That's part of it, anyway.

The main point i was trying to make is that i see there as being (at
least) two very different types of user communities for SL.

One community is like the RP (Role Play) one that wants - needs - as much
immersion as possible!  i think that all the things that wouldn't be seen
if it was real eyes looking at a real world gotta be able to be made as
inconspicuous as possible - without losing utility.  Floaters and
partially transparent windows and all the stuff that goes into the
"Terminator style" heads up display are crucial!

Another community is like the Professional Services one that only needs SL
for a tool to get some task done.  "Immersion" is a distraction.  i think
they just need a virtual conference setting, or school or whatever that
can leverage the VW (Virtual World) concept to communicate more
effectively.  Or maybe just because it's more fun that way!  Whatever,
having the VW be just another desk top operation is to me more functional
than immersing in the VW.  The paradigm should even work better for
content creators at times, too, since non-SL tools like Blender,
Photoshop, etc., can be run on the same screen with SL easier.  Right?

A third community might be noobs, who could often benefit quite a bit from
something that was really close to immersion without losing their familiar
desktop feel, and who might be best served with a lot of simplicity and
advice until they figure things out.

i think the "normal" camera perspective compared to mouseview is one
illustration on one level of the principle.  Backing further away to the
viewer 2.0 way is another step, then something like the system at the URL
you gave is another step even further back.  Kinda like a VW zoom function
that works on "reality level."  My thought is that it would be *really
great* if at least a couple of the possible VW levels - or SL modes - were
as easy to switch between as mouselook and normal camera view.

i mean, you could get all sophisticated about it and have this or that
feature of the "zoom" be selectable by itself, like something easy to turn
screen squishing and partial transparency on and off for the sidebar in
viewer 2.0 without a relog.  But i think the main thing ought to be just a
recognition of the (at least) two different user communities and the need
to support both directions without ripping the communities apart, or
making one suffer for the other.

Thx for the URL ref!

aklo at skyhighway.com wrote:
> For the Big Picture SL presentation i can see something like all the SL
> windows, including all the chat, inventory, group, etc - everything (even
> HUDs?), being just windows for the OS with the VW its own window that
> maybe is maximized and maybe isn't.  In maximized mode the VW window could
> have the ability to "draw in" or spawn inside without "leaving" the VW any
> or all of the windows for chat, inventory, etc in their floaty, sometimes
> transparent mode like the Terminator's heads up display that so many like
> so well!  Y'know, the best of all worlds?

Do you mean something like an interface that allows us to do this:


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