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Mon Apr 12 16:45:17 PDT 2010

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(crossposting this since i got a message telling me i'm not expected to
post on the server beta list without moderation and i feel this message
should reach the Ls)

I believe it would be a good idea to keep H7 in testing stage until a
bit of time after the TPVP thing has been cleared up with most TPV
developers and users, otherwise there is a big risk that a reduced
number of people will test H7 and content breaking stuff will slip by.

On 12/4/2010 17:45, Oskar Linden wrote:
> There is now a wiki page with Havok 7 testing guidelines. Please read
> through and then hop on and check it out.
>  - http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Havok_7_Beta_Home
> We will be offering more targeted testing guidelines in the near
> future but at this time are really hoping that people just test out
> whatever they can. Crashes are good, but please repro crashes found on
> the debug server builds. Crashes without filing a JIRA don't help us
> so please do that. Also repeatedly crashing regions doesn't help us.
> If you know anyone who would be interested in helping to test havok
> have them sign up for this email list here:
>  - https://lists.secondlife.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/server-beta
> Then they should join the group Second Life BETA on AGNI and IM me on
> AGNI about getting their account transferred over to ADITI.
> Since there are a lot of people testing on the oatmeal regions at the
> same please be considerate of work they might be doing. Other than
> that, have fun! :-)
> __Oskar
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