[opensource-dev] Viewers in the directory are being impersonated already

Anders Arnholm Anders at Arnholm.se
Wed Apr 14 04:55:20 PDT 2010

On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 02:30:24PM -0400, Robert Martin wrote:
> Dusting off an old statement
> The 3PVp will be a semi joke until LL decides to put up a compile farm
> and begin creating "signed builds". Even not using proxies and other
> cloaking all somebody has to do is get the source for a listed viewer
> and then hack and recompile.

There is still no way a server on the internet can know what is running
on the other end. The only into a build farm can add is the same as
someone sign the build to tell the user it's matching a source code

It's can however never protect the servers from any kind ofg hacked
viewers with extra functions as save all to disk, overlaod others
viewers. etc.

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