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What if the developer develops a viewer for other grids?

On 15/4/2010 16:38, VR Hacks wrote:
> Imo, some people fail to see the TPVp for what it is. To wit:
> A) Any and all developers who develop a client for connecting to the second 
> life grid must adhere to a basic set of rules. To reiterate, the TPV policy 
> does not just apply to devs extending the lab's code base. To wit:
> "This Policy governs access to Second Life and our technical platform that 
> supports Second Life by any Third-Party Viewer, by which we mean any 
> third-party software client, regardless of its source code, that logs into 
> our servers. This includes software for viewing Second Life, any chat 
> clients, utilities, bots, and proxies as well as applications that may not 
> be listed in our Viewer Directory." (http://secondlife.com/corporate/tpv.php 
> , paragraph two)
> In other words, should I decide to write a "from scratch" viewer to access 
> the grid, then I must code my viewer such that it adheres to their TPV 
> policy.
> B) Any developer who develops and/or distributes their viewer is 
> "responsible" (please note the operative word, responsible) for whatever 
> code they've implemented. In other words, it is up to them to a) debug their 
> own code, b) write their own EULA, and c) define & implement a user support 
> model. Should they choose to do none of the above, that is their choice, as 
> well.
> Otherwise put, responsible and smart coders will *always* include a EULA 
> with their binary distribution (regardless of whether or not it was designed 
> to connect to the grid). Why? Because it sets end user expectation. It 
> ensures you, as devs, will not end up in a infinite "support for free" loop, 
> and importantly, it provides legal protection should your code have a bug 
> that you did not catch.
> As for the GPL argument. That is moot. Or rather, as Joe so noted, "The TPV 
> is orthogonal to the GPL."
> That being said and all things considered, imo, the lab has been quite 
> magnanimous when it comes to third party viewer devs. After all, they are 
> not required to provide "free advertising" via TPV directory that is 
> designed to set a bar for inclusion, which in turn reduces the chance that 
> the neils of this world will be able to include their viewer, while at the 
> same time, increases consumer confidence in the viewers listed in that 
> directory. Nor is the lab required to "pardon" people who had been 
> previously banned such that same said may participate in the viewer 
> directory program.
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