[opensource-dev] client-side physics and general relativity

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visually impaired people would still need to know if the door is open,
if the trolley is on the station, if someone bumped into them etc

On 16/4/2010 12:48, Dzonatas Sol wrote:
> I don't think you thought through all cases. Consider blind users, as 
> they would only be concerned with objects within relative space, then 
> even on a busy sim the sim would not have to send any updates to the client.
> Even if not blind, lets say someone has their view limit set only to 
> relative space, as would be the potential possibility for those that 
> mainly leave their client open for chat. Normally the viewer is set to 
> greater than 64m away view distance, yet if someone has the chat window 
> maximized then that distance isn't really needed. It would be an option 
> to have the viewer automatically drop viewable distance to 30m or less, 
> which would be optimal for chat distance.
> It's a use-case/concept that is low-hanging fruit for client-side physics.
> Dale Glass wrote:
>> It seems to me you're optimizing for rather narrow cases: sims of mostly
>> static objects, and presumably nobody else around. But why optimize for
>> something that is going to be very fast already? 
>> The most benefit would be gained from improving the performance of busy
>> sims, but it sounds like those ideas would rarely work in such a case.
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