[opensource-dev] flickering mousepointer in snowglobe 1.3.x

Tayra Dagostino tayra.dagostino at gmail.com
Sat Apr 24 08:01:26 PDT 2010

On Sat, 24 Apr 2010 16:56:39 +0200
Lance Corrimal <Lance.Corrimal at eregion.de> wrote:

> I just verified with the snowglobe 1.4.x testbuild from the wiki,
> this flickering happens on all three platforms, NOT with 1.23.5 or
> 2.0 clients, BUT with snowglobe 1.4... 
> going to work on that for a bit.

the road to SG2/SL2 is in progress... dunno if so usefull spend
resources or time on a old version addressed to die... 

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