[opensource-dev] Viewer blacklist to replace the TPV directory ?

Henri Beauchamp sldev at free.fr
Thu Apr 29 01:56:58 PDT 2010

Hi again, folks.

Thinking about the TPV directory, I came to the conclusion that this
tool, first intended as an advertizing one, doesn't currently reach
its goal and even mistakes some users who think they will not be able
to use their favourite viewer after the 30th of April if it's not
listed in the directory: it is seen by many as a censoring tool.

The aim of a directory should be to preserve users from using dangerous
viewers, also "punishing" the bad developpers (and actually, the pirates)
by pointing them out.
Fact is that for now, the "good guys" who provide compliant viewers
but who cannot afford giving away their real life data to get listed
in the white list are the ones being unfairly "punished" by not being
able to advertize their viewer.

Also, there is already a list of third parties viewers on the SL Wiki
so the directory is kind of redundant...

I therefore want to submit a (constructive) proposal.

Instead of a white list for which Linden Lab actually guarantees
nothing and to which some developers won't be able to register anyway
because of privacy and local Law concerns, why not making a black
list ?

The black list would contain the viewer names of right out illegal
viewers or not yet TPV-policy compliant viewers (for the latter, and
when compliance is being worked on by their developers, a grey list
could even be created).



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