[opensource-dev] Viewer blacklist to replace the TPV directory ?

Nicky Perian nickyperian at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 29 05:40:15 PDT 2010

A blacklist would just give potential bad actors a menu and template to use for more bad viewers that could be modified and get past the login screens.

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Subject: Re: [opensource-dev] Viewer blacklist to replace the TPV directory ?

Henri Beauchamp <sldev at free.fr> wrote ..

> On Thu, 29 Apr 2010 03:41:50 -0700, Rob Nelson wrote:
> > This is a bad idea, as the TPV violators would merely migrate to a
> > non-blacklisted viewer.
> If they do, and after some time, the only non-blacklisted viewers
> left will be the TPV compliant ones, so that's actually a good thing...

No, maintaining a WHITELIST is way better. And I am thinking not of the bad guys now but the regular users who just want to use a client with additional features.

With a whitelist they know: this I can use without problems.

With a blacklist they never know if a client NOT on the list is a good one or a bad one that just didn't make it into the blacklist yet.

And for the bad guys: they would just rename their client if their old one got on the blacklist. And do this each time again.

So a whitelist is the only valid solution.


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