[opensource-dev] Viewer blacklist to replace the TPV directory ?

Dirk Moerenhout blakar at gmail.com
Thu Apr 29 14:05:34 PDT 2010

Too many people are trying to answer the question "is it possible to
get a malicious viewer registered on the TPV directory". While the
answer is most certainly yes the question is rather irrelevant. The
important question is "will malicious viewers be put in the TPV
directory". I'm pretty sure that anybody intentionally providing a
malicious viewer is a moron if he registers for the directory. The
attention it'll attracts most certainly will lead to a user that blows
the whistle. There's simply no point in registering it on the list as
your risk of getting caught.rises significantly. As such I don't think
you'll see many malicious viewers in the TPV directory.

Blacklists on the other hand are silly as everybody and his dog can
provide a viewer and use the fact that it's not on the black list to
coach users into using it. As they can do this by any means and don't
need to go thru official pages it'll certainly take longer before
their cover is blown.

So in practice when weighing both against eachother it's quite hard to
imagine a real life situation where the concept of a TPV directory
loses to a black list.

No system is perfect and as such you can theorise all day about what
could happen. In the end though that doesn't make a worse system any
better. The TPV directory will in general lead to better results than
a black list so that's what LL should work on regardless of its
remaining imperfections.

Best Regards,


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