[opensource-dev] Viewer blacklist to replace the TPV

Stickman stickman at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 15:56:56 PDT 2010

Hi guys!

I'd just like to mention this part of the mailing list policies:


"If someone else is violating mailing list policy, do not reply to
them on the list. Reply to them offlist if you feel you need to engage
them. If you feel disciplinary action is required, send mail to the
list administrator (<opensource-dev-owner at lists.secondlife.com>).
Engaging with them on-list may result in the moderation bit being set
on your account."

Personally, I kinda enjoy the entertaining drama. It's MUCH more fun
than the never ending TPV discussions. I'm working on finishing up the
last of my finals, so I can't really read these now, and I'll save
them for later. But if someone else has a problem with this, or you
two have a problem with each other, it may be something to think

Have fun!


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