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Wed Apr 28 21:25:55 PDT 2010

don't remember any confirmation.. =A0Oz, is/was such a project in place=
=A0If so, any idea what it&#39;s progress is and what team is working on it=
=A0According to my mail history, it may have been called &quot;Firefly&quot=
Cron Stardust<br>
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On Sun, Sep 12, 2010 at 3:45 PM, Brandon Husbands &lt;<a href=3D"mailto:xot=
mid at">xotmid at</a>&gt; wrote:<br>
&gt; Was looking at this it would be really simple and really powerful incl=
&gt; new ui&#39;s and stuff.<br>
&gt; You could expose what llclass methods you want and create new ones.<br=
&gt; Wrap that up into a mono dll that they just use the name space of so t=
&gt; dont have to bother with any extern code syntax.<br>
&gt; <a href=3D"" target=3D"_blan=
&gt; Would bring a whole new slew of people to the tables with c# skills.<b=
&gt; Also allowing for features and ui stuff kinda like LUA and World of Wa=
&gt; where they expose the functions they wish to provide to the user.<br>
&gt; You would run in the lowest priv level. And do like a andorid app does=
&gt; they install it it says what they are requesting access to do and the =
&gt; has to grant that.<br>
&gt; Maybe a day or two worths of work to get something going with basic in=
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