[opensource-dev] Snowglobe 1.3 RC1

brickrte brickrte at odyssey.net
Mon Feb 8 04:55:47 PST 2010


I've been using it since its release and haven't had one lockup.  N.B. this
hasn't been any sort of regression testing, just normal use.


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>> Here are the bugs fixed since RC0 (build 3119):
>> * SNOW-196 Deadlock in LLTextureFetchWorker::lockWorkMutex /
>> LLThread::lockData / LLTextureFetch::lockQueue
>> * SNOW-462 Double-Click Auto-Pilot and Double-Click Teleport menu
>> options should be mutualy exclusive
> uhm.... maybe i'm in a too lagged sim but i have a large number of
> avatar grey, zooming very close them force viewer to begin to rez,
> somebody else or is a particular condition without any repro?

I'm very keen to know if anyone else is seeing grey textures that are
talking longer/never loading WRT previous snowglobe versions or if
anyone is seeing any unusal entries in the log/console due to
textures. My part of SNOW-196 in theory if things are not working as i
expected could potentially cause some texture issues, hence the
testing here.

I also want to know about hard lockup deads locks, if anyone was
finding snowglobe freezing solid before and now its fine for them,
please also let me know here, or directly via email/in world etc.


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