[opensource-dev] Snowglobe 1.3 RC1

Tillie Ariantho tillie at xp2.de
Mon Feb 8 12:40:47 PST 2010

On 08.02.2010 11:22, Robin Cornelius wrote:

> I'm very keen to know if anyone else is seeing grey textures that are
> talking longer/never loading WRT previous snowglobe versions or if
> anyone is seeing any unusal entries in the log/console due to
> textures. My part of SNOW-196 in theory if things are not working as i
> expected could potentially cause some texture issues, hence the
> testing here.
> I also want to know about hard lockup deads locks, if anyone was
> finding snowglobe freezing solid before and now its fine for them,
> please also let me know here, or directly via email/in world etc.

I had a very long fashion show yesterday with 38+ people in the model sim and 50-65 people in the visitor sim. I had no deadlock at all, and all the textures on the model sim (where i were too rezzed
well). I only had serious trouble to get most of the textures in the visitor sim loaded, but I guess that was not related to the client version but the heavy lag on that sim.

What is still a problem, but not related to the mentioned fixes, is the crash when the client has loaded a given amount of stuff. You sooner or later crash, somewhere around 1,3 GB of used memory (Win
7 64bit, but that happened on Vista 64bit and XP 32bit, too).

What I see often in the log is

	WARNING: LLVOAvatar::getTargetAttachmentPoint: Object attachment point invalid: 128

but probably related to some avatar using Emerald with additional attachment points

There are several

	INFO: LLSDXMLParser::Impl::parse: LLSDXMLParser::Impl::parse: XML_STATUS_ERROR parsing:Internal Server Error

too and I see many

	INFO: LLCircuitData::dumpResendCountAndReset: Circuit: <ip-adress>:12035 resent <some number> packets

in the log.


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