[opensource-dev] SecondLife 2.0 beta download????

Maya Remblai snowfox102 at dragonkeepcreations.com
Wed Feb 17 12:36:19 PST 2010

Tillie Ariantho wrote:
> On 17.02.2010 21:25, Maggie Leber (sl: Maggie Darwin) wrote:
>> On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 3:22 PM, Robert Martin <robertltux at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>  ive noticed that there is a link on the secondlife.com dashboard to
>>>  download sl 2.0 (with a target of http://secondlife.com/beta-viewer/)
>>>  is this a case of released to soon or what??
>> Your question cannot be answered unless you sign an NDA. :-)
> I'll sign an NDA happily if I get an answer for that and get a working download link for the 2.0 beta. ;-D
> Tillie
I think pretty much everybody on this group would. At any rate, if they 
released 2.0 today it wouldn't be "early," it would be "on time." Blog 
posts pointed to a February release.

Also, technically it would be the BSI group that would be more likely to 
know this kind of thing, being the designated alpha testing group. (They 
weren't used for 2.0's alpha though, and the group has been silent for 
months, so I don't blame you. ;) )

~Maya Remblai, still a bit pessimistic.

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