[opensource-dev] Client-side scripting in Snowglobe

Carlo Wood carlo at alinoe.com
Thu Feb 18 08:07:46 PST 2010

On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 10:57:52AM -0500, Kent Quirk (Q Linden) wrote:
> This makes me sad.
> I've been trying to have an open discussion about some of the design issues in
> my office hours, specifically to understand the constraints and requirements of
> the community. But every office hour seems to be followed up by flames on this
> list and in other forums interpreting what was said in the worst possible way.

I don't have time to attend office hours at those exact moments. Not everyone
lives in the States.

> I'm afraid the tone and direction of this discussion are making it impossible
> for us to talk about this project productively.

Yeah right. I read the posts too, and they seem to be all true.
This remark sounds like a poor excuse to explain why there is no
open development of client-side scripting ON THIS LIST, where it

I'm sorry, but I agree with the statement of Maggie that the only sane
conclusion is that, as always seems to be the case,
"it is being done in secret with the intention of maximizing spin control
of reactions of the user community until such initiatives are fait accompli"

LL is simply not willing nor interested to listen to the (open source)
community; they want no discussion and want to push what they think is

> Q

Carlo Wood <carlo at alinoe.com>

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