[opensource-dev] Client-side scripting in Snowglobe

Kitty sldev at catznip.com
Sat Feb 20 06:36:55 PST 2010

>RLVa is a very notable user-defined API that has far transcended its
original purpose, 
>and is now in extensive use wherever enhancements for accessibility are
>It really highlights how user-defined functionality should have been in the
viewer from the beginning.

Slight little correction here: RLVa is solely an (alternate) implementation
of the RLV API. While I am responsible for coding RLVa, Marine is
responsible for her original RLV implementation and more fitting for this
topic she's responsible for the actual RLV API/specification.
Since it's used here to refer to the actual API it would be the "RLV API"
rather than "RLVa API". 
Silly for most anyone I'd imagine, but little things like that tend to
obscure the origin and credit should go where the credit is due so I just
wanted to clear that up :) .
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