[opensource-dev] Consensus? was: Client-side scripting in Snowglobe

Carlo Wood carlo at alinoe.com
Sun Feb 21 02:45:27 PST 2010

It seems to me that most people still talk about untrusted,
portable, and grid-wide supported downloadable scripts when
talking about Client-side scripting (sorry Morgaine).

So, I propose to go with that, and call anything else


The remainder of this post is about Client-extensions.

I sense consensus on the following layered design:

[current code base]

  + lots of hooks to be written


C++ API [1]





One or more plugins then could provide a client-side
scripting engine; either for trusted for any language,
or a secure API for an engine running the mono bytecode
that LL is working on (or whatever).

- A scripting engine for language XYZ.

[1] Ie, based on the yet to be written LLStateMachine class.
[2] Ie, a socket. What is more important is the protocol
    that is being used here. I can imagine that this will
    be LLSD, or something simular.

Carlo Wood <carlo at alinoe.com>

PS Note that personally I'm against using mono for
   clientside scripting...

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