[opensource-dev] Consensus? was: Client-side scripting in Snowglobe

Dzonatas Sol dzonatas at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 04:22:11 PST 2010

Marine Kelley wrote:
> Exactly my thinking too, the problem us not clear whether the players  
> are cooperative or in competition. It totally changes the result.
> But I guess that the real goal of this challenge is to call you  
> "stupid" and to gauge your reaction. If you yell or punch the  
> recruiter, you're dismissed. If you say "my bad, you're right", you're  
> dismissed. But if you argue and explain your theory clearly, calmly  
> and with the objective of solving the problem instead of just  
> defending yourself, you prove that you're someone who can integrate a  
> team that works on a system that is both technical and social.

Hmm. Let's think about this for a few...

The players are imperfect...

One is the recruiter that knows nothing about the recruitee...

The recruiter calls the recruitee "stupid"

In the reality of the recruitee, kids are missing (as in stolen), 
undergoing unknown symptoms of major depression, blisters on feet from 
working more than 40 hours a week, on up to 80 hours a week to keep 
family together for more than a year, pressured to work more due to 
legal problems, almost on the street due to leftover money not meeting 
needs, etc etc (this is not made up)

If the recruitor has no knowledge of this, which they shouldn't because 
of employment laws, then to call the recruitee "stupid" and for the 
recruitee to act any bit calm would be a major ability to stay calm 
under such hardship... even if the recruitee just simply said "my bad, 
your right" just to pass up an unfair question and explain anything now 
going on in the mind of the recruitee.

Major Depression Disorder is a disability that would be exploited by 
such question, and this recruitee would never get hired due to this 
disability, which is against law to not hire someone because of a 

The reruitee states the obvious and the recruiter takes it as a legal 
threat, which questions the ability of how this ever will work as a team 
on a system that is both technical and social... where both win.

Long story short... but one is still losing, so when does the "fighting" 

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