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> > If you see any wording that's ambiguous about that, let us know.
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> Well you seem to have spelled the end of my debian/ubuntu project, I
> can not meet the tems of the third party viewer policy:-
> "On your software download page or in another location that a user
> must visit before installing the Third-Party Viewer, you must disclose
> the following:"
> I cannot do this with an apt-repository, the user can bypass every
> possible webpage or description field. and the fact the policy says
> this is a MUST. The only possible way to do this is to create a custom
> program that displays a screen during the install hook of the package
> and aborts the package install. This can no longer be accepted in to
> the main debian or ubuntu repositories.

You can certainly do this using debconf, see the source for the
sun-java6-bin[1] package in 9.10 for an example. That package uses debconf
to present localized and frontend agnostic dialogs to prompt the user to
accept a special license. This is the same technique used by exim, postfix,
mysql-server, and loads of other packages to accept user input during
installation to perform some configuration tasks.



[1] Relevant code is in sun-java5-1.5.0-14/debian/JB-jdk.preinst.in
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