[opensource-dev] Third party viewer policy

malachi malachi at tamzap.com
Tue Feb 23 17:34:52 PST 2010

im curious as to how this will apply to clients and bots that seem to 
have the ability to not only gather agents ip addresses but by obtaining 
this information raid those agents computers searching for data... 
particularly the new copybot detection system by an unmentioned 
developer. The fact that Linden Lab has allowed this product to be 
released implements Linden Lab in possible legal actions. This is a 
violation of not only the Second Life Terms of Service but various other 
Internet related Laws and policies. I for one would like to know if this 
bot system will be removed and its creators rights to the Second Life 
grid be revoked or if they will be allowed to continue to hack into 
residents computers looking for information regarding 3rd party clients 
being installed on the machines. If they are allowed to continue then i 
would like for Linden Lab to hand over all Real life information on its 
creator for a possible Law Suit.

Because for one i never authorized anyone at Linden Lab much less anyone 
that simply just plays Second Life to have access to my computer and my 
data. thus the ability of a resident to retrieve such information is a 
violation of my privacy. point blank.

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