[opensource-dev] Request for help on compiling Snowglobe

malachi malachi at tamzap.com
Wed Feb 24 12:21:47 PST 2010

i have been trying since snowglobe started to compile this thing. and 
for some reason i have yet to be successful in doing so. i think 
snowglobe hates me. i can compile the standard client source just fine. 
but when it comes to snowglobe i always seem to get hundreds of errors. 
so im finally done trying to sort it out alone....

anyone here willing to spend a few minutes to help me figure out what is 
going wrong with snow that wont allow it to compile?

i have tried this with visual studio 2008, visual c++ 2008 express, 
visual studio 2005, visual c++ 2005, i have tried all versions of cmake 
and python and have tried while using vista and win7 both 32bit and 
64bit OS.

so far im down to just Build: 21 succeeded, 50 failed, 30 up-to-date, 2 
skipped. which is way better than it was before lol.

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