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Marine Kelley marinekelley at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 12:47:09 PST 2010

Thank you Soft, I knew you wouldn't let me down. Three months is okay, I can
cope with that without rushing I think. The real plus is that they offer to
help in making sure people can still find the RLV under its new name (which
would still be "RLV" anyway, just not "Restrained Life Viewer" anymore) by
typing "Restrained Life", since most scripts in-world will not change to
reflect the name change. Without this bridge from the old name to the new
name, new people would arrive in SL, be interested in that "RLV stuff this
object is using", fail at finding it, and give up. Eventually that would be
the death of the RLV itself.

But what I am concerned about is the viewer directory. I see that I need to
provide my RL info to list my viewer there, and that this RL info would then
be visible to all for liability. I can't do that. My overall work in SL
(viewer and business alike) shows strongly my personal fetishes, and I
simply cannot afford to disclose any info that could link my avatar to my RL
identity. I could lose my job otherwise. Or worse. People in the US are
pretty cool about fetishes, but not Europeans. We are still very old school
on this side of the pond.

Besides I don't see why on Earth any RL info should be disclosed to everyone
in the open, it is nobody's business except LL's who is making and
publishing third party viewers to connect to their grid. To me the average
developer of a third party viewer should be allowed to remain anonymous,
since the real griefers are never going to publish their data anyway. And
since a viewer developer cannot be held responsible for the use of their
viewer (despite what the policy implies), this is a moot point.

Thanks though,

I talked to legal to ask if there were any concessions they could make
> - I know there are hundreds of items that use your name, which makes
> this really disruptive. Unfortunately they maintain that we put our
> trademark at risk without consistent enforcement. They can't budge.
> However, they were willing to offer some extra time for transitioning
> to a new name, as well as help in making sure people can still find
> your viewer based on the old name.
> First, you wouldn't need to change the name right away. They were okay
> with giving three months to make a change, in hopes that that's enough
> time to do so without a rush or an extra release.
> Second, if you're able to do that, you can still be listed in the
> viewer registry right away. You'd need to select a new name for the
> viewer, but "(formerly Restrained Life)" will be shown underneath the
> name so there's no question as to which viewer people would download
> if they came in search of your own.
> If there's anyone else with an established viewer name that conflicts
> with the viewer policy, and who wants to be included in the registry,
> the same offer is open to you as well.
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