[opensource-dev] TPV Policy makes Secondlife *content* incompatible with CC-SA licenses

Tigro Spottystripes tigrospottystripes at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 20:05:28 PST 2010

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if it's just about copying and modification, but not use, then how come
we can't use, say a texture, without explicit permission from the
creator under the risk of being prosecuted for copyright infringement?

On 25/2/2010 00:27, Jason Giglio wrote:
> Darmath wrote:
>> lots of stuff
> Well, here's some papers about it:
> http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1029366
> https://litigation-essentials.lexisnexis.com/webcd/app?action=DocumentDisplay&crawlid=1&doctype=cite&docid=30+U.+La+Verne+L.+Rev.+296&srctype=smi&srcid=3B15&key=bb13d4040c3db45188ff18b96fe84132
> The nutshell: Licensing is a unilateral act, unlike contracts.  You are
> bound by a license only if you want to carry out the act that would be
> otherwise forbidden (in this case by copyright law).  For this reason,
> CC-SA and GPL can't dictate or control usage of a program that doesn't
> involve copying or modification, since usage is outside of copyright
> law.  There needs to be no meeting of the minds nor exchange of
> consideration.  Remedies are also different as I mentioned.
> We should probably take this off list for further discussion.
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