[opensource-dev] Third party viewer policy

Marine Kelley marinekelley at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 02:33:58 PST 2010

Usually development and publishing companies have an anonymous contact  
page on their website, and no easy way of getting to know the identity  
of any of their employees (besides the executives). And this is for  
privacy and competition reasons. It should not be any different for  
hobbyist developers who cannot afford to throw their name in the open.  
Anyway there should be no question of that since you have signed up  
for an account or more to LL in agreement to their privacy policies in  
the first place.

Besides, you can't find the full name of a Linden Lab employee unless  
they disclose it themselves (I think, maybe there is a public register  
somewhere or something). I don't see why we, the developers who work  
partly for LL at improving their platform for free, would have less  
rights to privacy than the people who are paid by them and who are  

This is a non-issue anyway, most people will not agree to expose their  
RL identity on LL's website just to list a piece of work of theirs,  
unless said piece of work is required to be listed in order to be  
accepted on their grid. And I have not read anything anywhere that was  
even remotely implying such a thing. If this was required, expect most  
viewers to be stopped dead in their tracks.

On 25 févr. 2010, at 11:10, Darren Gansberg <darmath at tpg.com.au> wrote:

> Henri Beauchamp wrote:
>> Because you can actually know who are *all* the real persons behind  
>> *any*
>> Open Source project ?... You know, people do use pseudonyms a lot, on
>> Internet... Anyway, no where in the GPL will you find that a  
>> developper
>> *must* disclose their true identity
> No of course you can't. Additionally the developer shouldn't be forced
> to disclose their identity. What i was taking exception with was the
> view that the identity of the developer is no one's business. As i  
> said
> it's the users business. But the appropriate solution to the user not
> knowing the identity of the person responsible for writing a piece of
> code is for the user not to install and use that program on their  
> system
> if they arent comfortable of knowing its source. That said i don't  
> think
> it's necessarily a great attitude to take that your not prepared to  
> put
> your identity to your own doings. And i adopt that view to all  
> manner of
> things software development aside.
> Darren
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