[opensource-dev] TPV & opensim & physics prediction

Dzonatas Sol dzonatas at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 12:40:27 PST 2010

If there is no need for a grid server, then there would be no need for a 
TOS that would try to control a TPV.

I see the issue of opensim that wants to say "can only connect client to 
a grid server as supported by opensim" no different than Linden Lab's 
new TOS in attempts to control TPVs.

If we modify LL's official viewer and add client-side simulation to help 
dispel latency, with physics prediction, then their TOS says "no," you 
have to register your special viewer to connect.

Melanie stated that opensim is grid server only (like a TOS), which in 
essence, is logical equivalent to say, "you can't modify opensim in 
order to add a viewer and connect to our grid server"

One obvious question is: who's grid server?

With physics prediction being equal peer to peer, why would there ever 
need to be a grid server, or a TOS?

 >>> You're confusing the architecture of the software with what people 
want to do with it.

So, are they saying they don't want physics prediction?

Robert A. Knop Jr. wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 10:34:08AM -0800, Dzonatas Sol wrote:
>> If everything is peer-2-peer where each client runs it's own simulator, 
>> there would be no need for a grid server. It's foolish and stupid to 
>> consider people would only want to connect to a grid server. That's 
>> certainly not how reality works, so it would be stupid to expect that 
>> when simulated.
> ...and, in OpenSim right now, there's no need for a "grid server".  You
> run a standalone region, and you've got your region without having some
> grid server.
> But it's not purely peer-to-peer, because the viewer software and the
> server software are two different pieces of software.
> It's just like how I can run Apache (web server) on my desktop, and use
> Firefox (web client) on my desktop to look at HTML documents served by
> Apache on my desktop.  It's all on my machine, and I don't have to rely
> on any web hosting provider or any such to complete the transaction.
> But it's not p2p in the sense that it's still a client-server
> architecture.
> You're confusing the architecture of the software with what people want
> to do with it.  Things don't have to have a peer-to-peer architecture
> for everybody to be able to roll their own.  There are advantages and
> disadvantages to different architectures for different problems.  But
> the fact is that OpenSim is a client/server architecture, and that's how
> it is.
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