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Fri Feb 26 10:44:04 PST 2010

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Soft, i think perhaps it would be better if there were separated
documents each focusing on one single target (developers who distribute,
developers who don't, users, content creators etc), having it all mixed
together makes the risk of misinterpretation much higher.

On 25/2/2010 19:29, Soft Linden wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 3:37 PM, Jay Reynolds Freeman
> <jay_reynolds_freeman at mac.com> wrote:
>> But what if there is no "third party"?  What if I develop a modified version of the SL viewer all by myself, and use it to log in to the SL servers, but do not distribute either source or binary for it?  Since there is no additional, "third" party involved in the creation and use of this viewer, it would appear that nothing in the "Linden Lab Policy on Third-Party Viewers" applies to it or to me.
> The FAQ and revised TPV, coming soon, will address this directly.
> There are some terms in there that don't apply if you aren't putting
> the viewer in the registry, and they will be identified as such. Most
> apply to any third-party viewer however, even if you aren't
> distributing it.
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