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Jesse Barnett jessesa at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 20:16:32 PST 2010

Guess I could word that better. We have had people who have had their
accounts terminated for lesser infractions then people who violated the TOS
but were given a pass by Linden Labs. And once a gain you have teams that
have multiple devs that have been banned but they are given a pass as
opposed to a single person project where the dev has been helping the
community but is not forbidden under these rules.

Jesse Barnett
On Fri, Feb 26, 2010 at 11:03 PM, Jesse Barnett <jessesa at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thank you for the hard work there Soft. It answers all of the questions I
> have except for this section:
>  "What is the meaning of the Viewer Directory eligibility requirement that
> "your Second Life accounts must be in good standing, must not be suspended,
> and must never have been permanently banned or terminated"?
> This requirement means that if on or after the policy's publication date,
> on February 23, 2010, any of your Second Life accounts are not in good
> standing, are suspended, or are permanently banned or terminated, then you
> and your viewers are ineligible for the Viewer Directory."
> So someone that has had an account banned is not eligible for the
> directory.
> What about a team with one or more members who have had their accounts
> banned?
> In case of a team dev with a support@ email going to the team and meeting
> the support requirements, then who's contact info has to be supplied?
> And if a team is eligible then couldn't a single person or small team just
> replace the front person to be eligible?
> In other words; Being a dev requires a very inquisitive mind. This same
> trait can get a person into trouble when they first enter our world. You do
> have some people who have gone to tremendous lengths to help the Second Life
> community at large who have been suspended at some point when they were
> first here. If they are helping then why the limitation?
> Is it really necessary that I remind everyone who sold and profited from
> the Hacked God Mode viewer a couple of years ago? Are you saying he would
> not be welcome?
> Jesse Barnett
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