[opensource-dev] FAQ posted for Third Party Viewer Policy

Ann Otoole missannotoole at yahoo.com
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OK I have read this and in plain English it is pretty clear. 

So I expect Linden Lab will be terminating the ability to save full permissions textures to disk unless the person saving them uploaded them right? 

And since Linden Lab's viewer cannot determine license state of builds in view then Linden Lab will be removing snapshot capabilities and informing residents they are not allowed to view content unless they own the region and all content in view right? No machinima nothing. After all if it can be seen it can be "illegally screenshot".

Or are these restrictions only applicable to third party viewers for the purpose of rendering them useless?

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On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 12:47 AM, Morgaine
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> And finally, FAQ.15 (in the context of licenses permitting free
> distribution):
> Q15: Do the limitations of section 2.b on content export apply to content
> that is full permissions?
> A15: Yes, they do.  Residents retain intellectual property rights in the
> content they create in Second Life and it is important for you to respect
> those rights.  By setting content to "full permissions" using the Second
> Life permissions system, a content creator merely indicates that the content
> may be copied, modified, and transferred within Second Life.  Setting
> content to "full permissions" does not provide any permission to use the
> content outside of Second Life.
> This is fine (surprise, surprise :P), but incomplete.  It doesn't address
> the quite common scenario of full-perm content created by Open Source or
> Creative Commons developers using 100% personal textures, and accompanied by
> a GPL, BSD, CC or other open source license which declares that the content
> may be freely copied, modified, and transferred anywhere, not only within
> Second Life.
> As is written in the answer A15, "Residents retain intellectual property
> rights in the content they create in Second Life and it is important for you
> to respect those rights."  Respecting their rights in this case requires you
> to to allow that content to be exported as its creator desires.  Therefore
> you either need to extend A15 with this additional case, or add another FAQ
> Q+A (preferably immediately after #15) to address it.

That might be material for the FAQ. But because there is no export
permission bit, it's not possible to add export capability for these
cases without enabling violation of others' content. At this point, I
couldn't see that affecting the TPV policy.

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