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Morgaine morgaine.dinova at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 28 11:16:24 PST 2010

You're talking commonsense, Thomas.  Unfortunately, what's written down is
not the commonsense interpretation that you are making of the words that are
on paper.

In a court of law, it is no defense to say "I was adhering to the
commonsense interpretation provided by Thomas Shikami in the mailing list"
(nor even quoting a Linden email).

All that matters is what is written down in LL's official documents, and
that is why we are taking great pains to get these words that Lindens are
writing so sloppily into a suitable unambiguous form.  They need to directly
reflect what we all know is commonsense for user access to the SL service,
and to be compliant with what is directly expressed in the GPLv2 license in
respect of guaranteed developer freedoms.

Our generous interpretations don't count here, only LL's official words do.
And when making interpretations, you should always take the worst-case
scenario, because that is what lawyers will use to hang you.



On Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 6:44 PM, Thomas Shikami <thomas.shikami at online.de>wrote:

> Morgaine schrieb:
> > GPLv2 clause 6 allows no "further restrictions" to be placed on the
> > freedom of developers to /"modify and distribute/" whatsoever,
> > regardless of whether the USAGE of that GPL software is constrained or
> > not.  The GPL has no interest is how software is used to connect to a
> > service in the slightest.  You can constrain USAGE of code for service
> > access as much as you like, you can ban whomever or whatever you like,
> > and it's completely immaterial to the GPL.  The two things are
> > entirely separate.  The GPL is not a usage license.
> >
> Long story short, if you want to be registered in the third party viewer
> registry, you have to follow the TPV policies. The registration is
> optional. If you don't register in the TPV, almost all rules that apply
> to the developer have no meaning. If you want to use your viewer with
> SL, you become a user of your viewer. Then the TOS and the TPV applies
> to you as it restricts the usage of a user.
> Registering with the viewer registry is voluntary and LL doesn't impose
> any "further restrictions" on you, because it isn't mandatory. Also you
> can redistribute the registered viewer according to GPLv2 without
> "further restrictions" on the receiver of that code. That party would
> have to register a derivate of that viewer as well to be restricted by
> the TPV as it applies on developer.
> If you don't use that viewer with SL, and you aren't registering the
> viewer, then nothing of the TPV applies to you.
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