[opensource-dev] TPV & opensim & physics prediction

Dzonatas Sol dzonatas at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 12:05:23 PST 2010

This is perfect then...

If you are scheduled to meet in a sim later in the week, then why worry 
if all the static objects take a day to download from that sim through 
archaic usenet means. You would already have all the object information 
needed for physics and to render in a local storage.

By the time everybody meets, there would be no lag to suddenly download 
all objects from a single host.

Times that by 10,000 people... just for scalability concerns.

Argent Stonecutter wrote:
> On 2010-02-25, at 15:12, Dzonatas Sol wrote:
>> [Usenet] worked. It is still free and open.
> It used to be. It's getting harder and harder to get feeds these days. 
> Everyone just reads through Google Groups rather than trying to find 
> someone with a feed. SL and OpenSim started with the equivalent of 
> "Google Groups" already live.
> It wasn't even vaguely real-time. It was *OK* that the 
> stanford-munnari link was a daily airmailed magtape, nobody cared if 
> their newsfeed was a day behind.

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