[opensource-dev] Snowstorm Daily Scrum Summary - 09/02/2010

Sarah (Esbee) Hutchinson esbee at lindenlab.com
Thu Sep 2 21:42:27 PDT 2010

Date: Thu Sep 2, 2010

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*=== General Notes ===*
* Don't forget to grab tasks from the Sprint Backlog and update your time
remaining on that task each day!
* Anya OOO thu-fri
* Merge Monkey of the Day: Merov

*===Team Status===*

* Test minimap panning and avatar inspectors
* Merge and test teleporting multiple friends (VWR-22454)

* Check my issues have test plans attached.
* "As a developer, I would like to clean up the way the voice code shuts
down, so that it doesn't leak memory and satifies my OCD".
* Find out what's happening with design review of VWR-21253 "As a user I
would like to see who has permission to 'See my online status', 'See me on
the map', or 'Edit, delete or take my objects'" (Seems to be some scope
creep or overlap with display names stuff).

* Need a yes/no to integrate from design review of VWR-21253

* Serviced 9 integration requests
* Landed jonathan yap's VWR-17801, iterated on it a bit
* Reviewed teleport invite patch

* Probably more integrations
* Investigate, finish or defer VWR-21717 'Classfied Ads - "Adult" cannot be

* none.

* Wiki updates
* Organized posting of Development builds on secondlife.com

* Post first Development build on secondlife.com ?
* More wiki updates
* Send code review system proposal to systems team
* Prep discussion of upcoming common code split

* none not planned for

* VWR-22761 : LLKDU upgrade: Code architecture study
* VWR-22759 : Chat Translator: merged in
merov_linden/viewer-development-features, asked Esbee for Design Review
* Lots of JIRA gardening...

* VWR-22761 : LLKDU upgrade: perf data instrumentation, create forked repos
for this

* Kakadu license upgrade


* Office Hours
* Started Snowstorm Blog Post
* Backlog grooming started
* Prep for Dusan Writer Interview

*OOO (half day medical)
* Interview with Dusan Writer
* Meeting to discuss Jira triage
* Jira triage

* None

* TASK vwr-21585 (Make all tabs support horizontal resizing)
** In progress. Estimate ~ 24 hours.

* TASK vwr-21585 (Make all tabs support horizontal resizing)


* Task VWR-20702 (Bottom bar button reordering)
** In working on subtask VWR-20706 (Make sure auto-hiding and shrinking
buttons still work) found a problem related to D&D implementation and to do
with the Speak button. Will consult Mike tomorrow, everything else is done.
Estimate - 3 hrs.
* Sub-task VWR-22690(Saving/restoring button order).
** Investigated. Estimate- 5 hours.

* Finish and send for review VWR-20705 (Drag & Drop implementation) and
VWR-20706 (Make sure auto-hiding and shrinking buttons still work).
* VWR-22690 (Saving/restoring button order).

* none

* Task VWR-21127 (Implement saving size and position of detached tabs):
** 70% complete. Estimate: 4 hours.
* OOO sick part of the morning.

* Finish VWR-21127, approve integrating the whole feature (although most was
done today by Tofu)

* none

* Task (VWR-21060) Fix broken ability to open a side tray tab via shortcut,
menu item or button outside of the Side Tray.
** Fixed.
* Task (VWR-20696) Write code to allow for undocking/redocking of a sidebar
** Fixed calling onOpen() for undocked tabs.
** Fix dock/undock buttons changing depending on tab state.

* Bug (VWR-22166) 'Item Profile' panel isn't udated if change name of that
item from 'Object contents' floater
** Estimated: 6 hours.
* Bug (VWR-22157) My Landmarks: 'Cut' item should be greyed out in folder's
context menu
** Estimated: 2 hours.

* Do we need a new art for "Undock" button in Side Tray. For now I used the
existing floater "Tear Off" button.
* Task (VWR-20697) Write code to allow for redocking of a sidebar tab
**Can we close it as "Misfiled" and leave only VWR-20696 with changed

* organizational / administrative

* OOO Thu - Fri

* none
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