[opensource-dev] Dutch localization (was: Request for review/testing: VWR-20583 submenu indicators (▶ a.k.a. U+25B6) shouldn't be hard-coded in context menu sub menu names)

Boroondas Gupte sllists at boroon.dasgupta.ch
Fri Sep 3 04:27:55 PDT 2010

 On 09/03/2010 12:01 PM, Oz Linden (Scott Lawrence) wrote:
> Boroondas - please recheck the Dutch files - I pulled in those fixes 3
> days ago, and you should have them in your repo now.
OK, looks like (some?) context menu entry labels are localized for
Dutch, but the localization has different file names and file structures
than other localizations: For example in
indra/newview/skins/default/xui/*en*/menu_*wearable_list_item*.xml line

     label="Attach to HUD"
     *name="wearable_attach_to_hud"* />

while the corresponding Dutch entry is probably
indra/newview/skins/default/xui/*nl*/menu_*inventory*.xml line 77

	<menu label="Bevestigen aan HUD" *name="Attach To HUD"*/>

Note the different file names, different element types and different
name attribute values. Especially regarding the latter, I have to wonder
how the Dutch string even gets found at all. (Apparently it /gets/
found. Or maybe I'm just reading the XUI wrong.)

However, looks like the labels in the Dutch localization were already
missing the "▶"s, "&gt;"s or ">"s, so don't have to be adapted for my fix.

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