[opensource-dev] Code Review Request: VWR-21253 (Permissions icons in the friends list)

Boroondas Gupte sllists at boroon.dasgupta.ch
Tue Sep 7 05:45:47 PDT 2010

 During testing, I made some interesting observations that I wanted to
comment about, but JIRA is read-only at the moment, so I'll just paste
it here:

    Tested, works as expected with the following exceptions:

          Revoking "See my online status" permission automatically also
          revokes "See me on the map" permission

    This can be seen by the following observations:

        * In *step 8*, the "See me on the map" icon also no longer appears
        * In *step 9*, the "See me on the map" is already unchecked
          (OFF), so this step cannot be performed

    I guess this is expected behavior, as the ability to locate someone
    on the map would leak the fact that they're online. However, I think
    there should be some visual indication of this when revoking the
    "See my online status" permission. I.e. in *step 7*, we should have:

        * *Expected:* The "See me on the map" checkbox is unchecked
          (OFF) and disabled (grayed out)

          Permission icons not updating for granter while hovering over
          grantee's name

            To reproduce:

    As TESTER1:

       1. View "Notes & Privacy" of TESTER2's profile and change the
       2. Immediately click *[<]* to return to TESTER1's friend list.
       3. Immediately hover over TESTER2's name.
              * *Observed:* Sometimes you still see the old permissions.
              * *Observed:* If this happens, as long as you keep
                hovering, they won't update.
       4. Move the mouse off the friends list.
       5. Re-hover the mouse cursor over TESTER2's name.
              * *Observed:* Now the visible icons correspond to the new

    Interestingly, when TESTER2 hovers over TESTER1's name while TESTER1
    changes the "Edit, delete or take my objects" permission, TESTER2
    will see the corresponding icon appear/disappear without having to
    un-hover and re-hover.

On 09/07/2010 01:18 PM, Aimee Linden wrote:
>> If you read the comments you'll note this isn't what Aimee has
>> implemented now: She shows permissions in the hover tips, it seems.
> The permission icons appear inline, alongside the 'i' and '->' buttons
> for each person.
Yes, I noticed that when finally testing your build myself today. This
is of course much better than in tool tips, because like this the icons
are visible immediately on mouse-over. :-) While that makes it less
pressing, I still stand by my wish below:
>> I'd still prefer to see all perms at one glance without hovering.
>> Moon Metty's suggestion to only display non-default values would
>> indeed avoid the cluttering and, more important, would also make
>> these values stand out. I think this could nicely be done with icons
>> similar the maturity rating and parcel permission ones in the
>> navigation bar.
I don't really see the use case for the option to *not show* the icons
even *when hovering*. Maybe the above could be solved by replacing it
with an option to *show* the icons even *when not hovering*?

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