[opensource-dev] Request for review/testing Socks 5 support for viewer-development (VWR-20801)

Tofu Linden tofu at lindenlab.com
Wed Sep 8 05:01:12 PDT 2010

Oz Linden (Scott Lawrence) wrote:
>   On 2010-09-06 8:01, Tofu Linden wrote:
>> Hi Robin,
>> Is there a clear blocker for this?  My loose grasp of the situation
>> is that it's waiting for some Socks users to verify that this
>> works for them out in the wild.  Is this correct?
> It also needs an upgrade of the curl library.
> I've built the one that has a fix, but not tested it in a viewer build - 
> perhaps you can help with that part, Tofu.  The repo that builds the new 
> curl is at http://hg.lindenlab.com/oz/curl-autobuild

Not a great success, sadly.
On the official build machine (build-linux) the autobuild aborts with a
python(?) error pretty quickly.
On my local machine everything builds great, and basically runs, but
the resulting libcurl doesn't have HTTPS support (it didn't find
openssl, I guess) which we need.

I'm not really familiar with autobuild - perhaps Brad has some input?
Should I be running this on a specific host that isn't build-linux?

I could pretty easily hand-roll a build to unblock VWR-20801, but
autobuild is infinitely more desirable.


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