[opensource-dev] Blocking viewers.

Tom Grimshaw tom at streamsense.net
Wed Sep 8 14:39:00 PDT 2010

  Dear Linden Lab,

It's absolutely none of your business what software I choose to run on 
my PC.

Blocking emerald is a step of pure arrogance - and ignorance - on Linden 
Lab's behalf - it's not having an adverse effect on your servers, in 
fact THE ONLY WAY you can tell i'm runing Emerald is by the channel and 
version provided in login, and this has been proven by the number of 
clones that have popped up with their channel renamed (and the ID 
texture changed of course). You cannot censor Open Source software, and 
the fact that you're trying to makes you a despicable organisation.

Stop policing my computer. I will decide what viewer I use, thank you.


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