[opensource-dev] Blocking viewers.

Mike Dickson mike.dickson at hp.com
Wed Sep 8 15:09:32 PDT 2010

  On 09/08/2010 05:42 PM, Aleric Inglewood wrote:
> I'm not happy to say it, but I can't help myself...
> I told you so
> When LL announced the TPV list, it was already clear to me
> that they want to control what viewer can connect and that
> this was the beginning of whitelist. Soon every viewer that
> is not derived from their holy "2.0" will be blocked.
> On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 11:39 PM, Tom Grimshaw<tom at streamsense.net>  wrote:
>>   Dear Linden Lab,
>> It's absolutely none of your business what software I choose to run on
>> my PC.
Oh geez. Do we really have to go through this again.  You can run 
whatever you like on your PC.  And Linden Lab has every right to 
determine what software they will allow to connect to their SERVICE.  
And there's no indication and never has been that LL will block anything 
that's not 2.0.  Their are some text only clients on the TPV that 
connect legitimately now.  The Emerald team brought this on themselves.  
This kind of stuff has no business on a development list. Please take it 


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