[opensource-dev] The Plan for Snowglobe

Mike Dickson mike.dickson at hp.com
Sat Sep 11 06:33:19 PDT 2010

  On 09/11/2010 08:03 AM, Tateru Nino wrote:
> On 11/09/2010 10:25 AM, dilly dobbs wrote:
>> Fair enough, but the simple fact is that the interface needs to be
>> changed so that they can reclaim more of the sign ups to the grid. The
>> last numbers i have read on the learning curve is something like 70%
>> of the users that sign up leave because they have troubles with the
>> interface.  And we must also consider that this is a business and LL
>> needs to make good to keep the grid alive.
> When you read various responses to "Hey, have any of you tried this
> Second Life thing?" there's usually quite a number of responses from
> people who did and gave up. Hardly any of them mention the UI as the
> problem that they had with it.
I strongly disagree with you there. True its not scientific but I know 
of more than a few people personally who couldn't navigate with the old 
UI and gave up. They recently tried again with viewer 2 and are 
functional and happy.

Viewer 2 isn't perfect.  There's lots of room for refinement and this 
community has a lot of good ideas about what needs to be done.  But the 
whole Viewer 2 "the sky is falling" rhetoric from some is really counter 


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