[opensource-dev] Compiling Snowglobe

Rob Nelson nexisentertainment at gmail.com
Tue Sep 14 00:18:30 PDT 2010

  So I've got a recent-ish snowglobe source tree on Windows 7.  It 
compiles fine on Linux.  However, on Windows it's a hellish nightmare, 
and the wiki might as well be talking about compiling 1.23.  I've asked 
3 separate IRC channels with few positive results.

My current problem is with the libraries.  VC80 screams about missing 
VC80 boost libraries.  I looked in the libraries folder and found that 
it had VC90 boost libraries (according to the filenames, anyway), so I 
spent an hour installing and configuring VC90 only to find that it is 
almost as broken as VC2010, flooding me with "unresolved external" 
errors when linking with any non-boost lib.

So, is there anywhere I can find VC80 boost binaries compatible with 
SnowGlobe? (The prebuilt tarballs that LL provides only come with VC90 
libs.)  If not, how do I get this thing to build?  Which voodoo god must 
I sacrifice my firstborn to?


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