[opensource-dev] Stability in Recent Dev Builds (and crash dumps?)

Bunny Halberd bunny at bunnynet.org
Thu Sep 16 11:22:31 PDT 2010

Good Afternoon!

I have gotten into the habit of grabbing whatever is the most recent
dev build each day when I get ready to log in and using it for as long
as I can. (I like finding bugs!)

There's been a recent stability issue that's been introduced in the
last two weeks or so (maybe longer, I'm not sure). It seems to be in
the texture pipeline, or in the texture loading pipeline.

Every now and then (but it happened to me twice last night before I
gave up and went back to 2.1.1) when someone new comes in SL crashes
and goes directly to the crash logger. It's not just me - I have a
friend that also grabs the latest dev build and we both tend to crash
at exactly the same time when this happens. It's like clockwork, we'll
both poof at the same time.

I keep submitting crash dumps via the crash logger in hopes to help
track this down, but I haven't seen any recent merges or discussion
here of stability issues of this type.

So, I have two questions - 1.) are crash dumps working correctly on
the dev builds, and how can someone that doesn't have the desire to
compile her own viewer (but doesn't mind help testing and digging into
things) track something like this down?

- Bunny

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