[opensource-dev] Question about the Too Many Open Files problem

Monty Brandenberg monty at lindenlab.com
Mon Sep 20 08:14:18 PDT 2010

On 9/19/2010 4:18 PM, Vex Streeter wrote:
>    HTTP textures seems to make an already bad situation worse.  A very
> large number of the open files I see on Linux are fonts:  I've seen up
> to 20 FDs pointing to the same font file - I typically run under linux
> with a ulimit of 2048 to avoid the issue.  I see similar things on
> Windows (7) but it is neither quite as bad (fewer fonts maybe?) nor
> happens to hit whatever fd limit windows has.  One of the problems with
> running out of FDs is that the viewer can fail in all sorts of bizarre
> ways and will often not be able to dump a useful log.

This might be worth a Jira, at least to start feeding in tracking
information.  On Linux, I'd expect this to at least generate a
strerror() message for ENFILE or EMFILE ('Too many open files in system'
and 'Too many open files') with similar messages on Mac.  Full 'lsof'
output before or after a problem might be interesting, too.  Something
in Ponzu's Problem has me looking in the direction of plugins as well.
But a rigorous test with HTTP Textures enabled and disabled would also
be useful...


Monty Brandenberg
monty at lindenlab.com

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