[opensource-dev] Larger UI Question - Skinning Progress

malachi malachi at tamzap.com
Tue Sep 21 16:56:33 PDT 2010

i didnt mean to spur arguments over the ui being good or bad mate. meant  
more or less is there a way to bring back the feel of 1.x clients. i like  
having everything in a pop up floater. not crammed into a bar that forces  
me to keep it there in one spot. i am not downing any of the ui changes. i  
think that the ui changes were done to make it easier for beginning users.  
but after using SL for over 4 years now i dont think i am a beginner. I  
just want my old detached floaters all over my screen in a very messy very  
ugly manner. lol. i suppose it is just time to start working on it and  
stop asking. LL and the others here have already told me that it may be  
possible but is not going to end up in the main viewer. thats fine with  
me. i dont need it to be in the main viewer. i dont use the main viewer. i  
dont trust 3rd party devs and i sure dont trust LL devs. not with a  
prebuilt binary. there is too much risk. so ill compile the latest branch  
myself and work on making my floaters the way i know them from before.  
thanks all.

On Tue, 21 Sep 2010 19:45:01 -0400, Nexeus Fatale  
<nexeus at nexeusfatale.com> wrote:

> So, I'm kinda getting sick of hearing about why the Viewer 2 UI is bad or
> good, etc, etc, etc... it's kinda a pointless argument that should be  
> left
> for forums and forum threads where people can flame each other about  
> what's
> good or bad with the UI. I'm one of the view who likes many aspects of  
> the
> Viewer 2 UI - but that's neither here nor there...
> The question I have, relates more to a topic that has been talked about  
> and
> displayed in the past, but I would love if there was an update or some
> progress of the nature of the project. I want to know if the  Skinning  
> (or
> Project Dazzle - http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Skinning) application to
> the viewer (third party or other) is currently an active project? If so,  
> at
> what phase is it? Is the entire UI Skinnable and adaptable? or are only  
> the
> colors and feel changeable? Better question is are there any efforts  
> among
> the many third-party viewer developers to have created a skinning
> template/process that isn't just adding/changing colors of the viewer?
> As well, How far along the UI Roadmap is LL? (
> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User_Interface_Roadmap)
> I know this is a LOT of questions all at once, but I would love to hear  
> more
> about the current work towards the larger UI question, instead of this
> snipping about the Viewer 2 UI not being good.

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