[opensource-dev] Larger UI Question - Skinning Progress

miss c miss_c_27 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 21 17:45:53 PDT 2010

Well, I changed the whole bottom panel and upper bars with images so far so 
instead of just the colored chrome it does have a sleek image now.  Dimentox is 
working on an installer for skins for me, that everyone can use for those that 
screw up replacing certain files or just don't feel comfortable with it.  The 
external installer will also replace the UI to the default if wanted.  


Here is a picture of the bottom panel with the image, I was going for subtle.


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Subject: [opensource-dev] Larger UI Question - Skinning Progress

So, I'm kinda getting sick of hearing about why the Viewer 2 UI is bad or good, 
etc, etc, etc... it's kinda a pointless argument that should be left for forums 
and forum threads where people can flame each other about what's good or bad 
with the UI. I'm one of the view who likes many aspects of the Viewer 2 UI - but 
that's neither here nor there...

The question I have, relates more to a topic that has been talked about and 
displayed in the past, but I would love if there was an update or some progress 
of the nature of the project. I want to know if the  Skinning (or Project Dazzle 
- http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Skinning) application to the viewer (third 
party or other) is currently an active project? If so, at what phase is it? Is 
the entire UI Skinnable and adaptable? or are only the colors and feel 
changeable? Better question is are there any efforts among the many third-party 
viewer developers to have created a skinning template/process that isn't just 
adding/changing colors of the viewer?

As well, How far along the UI Roadmap is LL? 

I know this is a LOT of questions all at once, but I would love to hear more 
about the current work towards the larger UI question, instead of this snipping 
about the Viewer 2 UI not being good.

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