[opensource-dev] Request For Input: Menu Shortcut keys overriding Floaters handlekeyhere events. STORM-203

Brandon Husbands xotmid at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 20:54:25 PDT 2010

While taking peek at STORM-203

It seems that shortcuts in the viewer menu are not allowing the floaters to
get input like ctrl F

My thoughts are to do one of the following

1. Add to the floater/focusmanager base class the ability to set priority
keys so floaters can set a handle first.
2. Add exceptions before the faulty code for the script editor. / modify the
faulty code to exclude ctrl f
3. Lock the script editors? (would that not make them modal? Yuck!)
4. Remove the priority code / faulty code. (possible adverse affects?)
5. *LAST DITCH* Change the shortcut to the search panel.

What do you think?

CODE causing the issue.


lines 2137 - 2146

    // give menus a chance to handle modified (Ctrl, Alt) shortcut keys
before current focus
    // as long as focus isn't locked
    if (mask & (MASK_CONTROL | MASK_ALT) && !gFocusMgr.focusLocked())
        if ((gMenuBarView && gMenuBarView->handleAcceleratorKey(key, mask))
            ||(gLoginMenuBarView &&
gLoginMenuBarView->handleAcceleratorKey(key, mask)))
            return TRUE;

It appears that this is making shortcut keys grab the input before any
floaters are.
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