[opensource-dev] Openjpeg/KDU the cold hard metrics

Robin Cornelius robin.cornelius at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 01:43:27 PDT 2010

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 9:29 AM, Ann Otoole <missannotoole at yahoo.com> wrote:
> How many textures do you need? I bet I have a bunch that are perfectly OK
> for this purpose as well as for commercial use. And if you need more I can
> generate them using filters.
> I.e.; this is not a block.


I was running just under 300 for my tests, but we could do with a mix
of RGB and RGBA textures + some that have lossless encoding and also
some encoded on KDU and some on Openjpeg as there are differences. So
any you want to donate to the cause would be most welcome, i can
easily add a text file with a list of textures and copyright by who
etc so its clear who actually owns them. Also i can encode if
necessary but esp with the KDU ones i need to be 100% i've made them
the same as the viewer does.

We ideally want to get more that 300 and get a good test bed of say
1000 in total and then that will be very useful with a common set of
textures for everyone to compare results with as many things in common
as possible, this will then show differences on optimisations between
different CPUs, operating systems etc and make it very easy for
changes to openjpeg or any other decoder to be compared on mass.



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